Financial Incentives Consulting

While the financial returns of efficiency investments are well-documented, project owners are often faced with difficult decisions when budgeting capital projects amid many competing priorities. To alleviate this concern, we have developed a financial concept known as the Efficiency Capital Stack® our process of optimizing financial incentives early in the project design phase. Our team works closely with owners to structure projects that generate positive cashflow based off the business structure of the customer, financial goals, and capital stack. This requires creative financial planning and an intimate knowledge of tax changes and incentive programs available to the customer, to capture the maximum pool of tax credits, non-dilutive capital, and utility incentives. In addition, we are an early market leader in C-PACE project financing, having completed the first such project in the State of Maryland and maintaining our status as the most active C-PACE contractor in the state. Our complete list of financing services includes:  

  • Commercial Property-Assessed Clean Energy(C-PACE)
  • Power Purchase Agreements
  • Energy Savings Agreements
  • Energy Savings Performance Contracting
  • Efficiency-as-a-Service
  • Federal, State and Local Grants
  • Utility Rebates and Incentives
  • Federal, State and Local Tax Incentives